The Date of the Mahabharata War

For the same period it gives 53 kings from Manu to Dhruturashtra. Obviously the Kuru line is not complete. Even the Ikshvaku line need not contain ALL the kings of that line. Generally only the prominent kings get mentioned in the genealogies. This is also proved by the fact that, the kings like Sudas, Divodasa, Somaka, etc. Modern studies prove that a conjunction of the planets did occurred on Feb 17, BC.

7 Astronomical sources predict the date of Mahabharata War which lasted for 18 days

Jayasree ji, A brilliant monograph, well-argued and evidenced. Ananda Coomaraswamy provides a remarkable insight: ‘Myth embodies the nearest approach to absolute truth that can be stated in words. Narahari Achar, Srinivasa Raghavan and you have demonstrated a date of November 22,

The number of dates proposed for Mahabharat is in range of The range of proposed is from dates BCE to BCE. You should read a good and recent.

Created by Jijith Nadumuri at 04 Jul and updated at 04 Jul Several Scholars have attempted to date the epic. The dating of the epic is very vital to understanding the Hindu history since it occupies a significant position in the Hindu literature. The Mahabharata is sometimes called as the sheet anchor of the Hindu history.

The Hindu literature of Puranas refer to the events anterior to Mahabharata in the past tense and the event posterior to Mahabharata in future tense. The Puranas also refer to onset of the new age of Kali with the Mahabharata implying its historical significance for the Hindu history. The Mahabharata also occupies an important position in the Vedic Samhitas.

In the Rig Veda the oldest contemporaneous Bharatha king mentioned is Divodasa. The Rig Veda ending with Santanu is followed by the thrilling sequel in the Mahabharata. The last Bharata king mentioned in Atharvana Veda is Parikshit. The Mahabharata thus has a close affinity with the Vedic Samhita literature. In view of the significance of Mahabharata literature, the dating of Mahabharata assumes significance.

Dating the Mahabharata war [Epic]

He earned his B,. Sc Hons degree from Mysore University and M. His primary research area is in the theory of Solids and recently in the application of Fractional Calculus to Physics. His other interest is in the ancient astronomy of India and applications of Planetarium software in its study.

Astronomical and spearheads have started on the kurukshetra, the exact date of dwapara yuga. Jump to date of mahabharata war at. Read e-book online.

The conflict arose from a dynastic succession struggle between two groups of cousins, the Kauravas and Pandavas, for the throne of Hastinapuram, an Indian kingdom called Kuru. It involved a number of ancient kingdoms participating as allies of the rival groups. If one reads Mahabharata, he will get answers to all the questions in his life. It is one of the great epics of Indian history and the longest epic in the world with shlokas divided into 18 Parvas.

It narrates the story of the Kuru Clan thereby including each and every aspect of human race and their behaviour in various situations. Mahabharatha is very unique as it spreads lights on science, romance, medicine, space travel, warfare, weapons, morals, laws, politics and many more. But what has remained a mystery is that the exact date of when Mahabharatha War happened.

There are various predictions on the date by various experts. Ramesh Panchwagh took about 2 years of continuous study of the original critical Sanskrit Mahabharata published by the Bhandarkar Oriental Studies Institute in Pune after 60 years of research.

Download The Scientific Dating Of The Mahabharata War – P V Vartak

Vartak The Mahabharat has excercised a continuous and pervasive influence on the Indian mind for milleniums. The Mahabharat, orginally written by Sage Ved Vyas in Sanskrut, has been translated and adapted into numerous languages and has been set to a variety of interpretations. Dating back to “remote antiquity”, it is still a living force in the life of the Indian masses.

Incidently, the dating of the Mahabharat War has been a matter of challenge and controversy for a century or two. European scholars have maintained that the events described in the ancient Sanskrut texts are imaginary and subsequently, the Mahabharat derived to be a fictitiou tale of a war fought between two rivalries.

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Anand Mohan Sharan, who teaches in the faculty of engineering at the Memorial University in Newfoundland, said he used computers and several kinds of software to reach the conclusion about the epic Kurukshetra battle. The Bhishma Parva is one of the 18 Parvas, or sections, that make up the Mahabharata. Sharan, who is visiting Bihar, says that his research on the Mahabharata war proves that the epic was no fiction.

According to Sharan, the evidences include Lord Krishna’s departure for negotiations in a bid to avoid the war on Revati day and the start of Balram’s pilgrimage for 42 days along the Saraswati river on Pushya day. The drying up of the Saraswati river is believed by many to have take place around bce. Sharan said his search time span covered bce to bce.

The date so determined were checked against other archaeological evidences such as the possibility of the presence of iron in India on that date. We aren’t responsible for their content.

Kurukshetra War

Enter your mobile number or email address below and we’ll send you a link to download the free Kindle App. Then you can start reading Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer – no Kindle device required. Mahabharat war is an important landmark in ancient Indian history. There is a great epic written by Sage Vyasa about this war and politics behind this.

Mahabharat has been touched every Hindu life in some way. Though several people have an opinion that Mahabharat is just a great story, it has been classified as history in the Indian literature.

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The Battle of Mahabharata has had a sustained and widespread influence on the Indian mind for millennia. The Mahabharata, originally written by Sage Veda Vyasa in Sanskrit, has been translated and adapted into many languages and prescribed for a wide variety of interpretations. Due to the un-contextual reading of Hindu scriptures by European scholars, the dating of Indian chronology becomes a challenge. European scholars have understood the events described in the ancient Sanskrit texts are imaginary and subsequently Because the reading and translation were words to word and contextual consideration was not taken , the Mahabharat derived to be a fictitious tale of a war fought between two rivalries.

As per modern history scholars and archaeology followed currently, Indian chronology starts from the compilation of the Rigved in B. This chronology creates a direct contradiction with the Hindu beliefs because it is believed that events in the Ramayana took place before prehistory and Mahabharat war and another Rigveda battle of ten kings took place at least years ago. Then how to fit these events in chronology?

Mahabharata much older, say ASI Archaeologists

Directly, independent of any other event in history, with reference to the unique astronomical events described in the epic. Unwilling to participate in the fratricidal war, Balarama goes on a pilgrimage from Dwaraka and Somnath in Gujarat to Adibadri now in Bilaspur Chhattisgarh virtually tracing Saraswati in the reverse flow. Balarama is anguished to see the drying of the river.

A Canadian researcher of Indian origin says on the strength of astronomical evidence that the Mahabharata war was fought between the.

Then Arjuna successfully resisted Karna’s weapons with his own and also inflicted casualties upon the Kaurava ramayana. The sun soon wrote and with date and dust making the ramayana of proceedings difficult, the Kaurava army retreated for the day. On the same day, Bhima swung his mace and shattered Dushasana’s chariot.

Bhima seized Dushasana, ripped his right hand from shoulder and killed him, tearing open his chest and drinking his date and carrying some to smear on Draupadi’s untied hair, thus fulfilling his ground made when Draupadi was humiliated. On the seventeenth day, Karna defeated the Pandava brothers Nakula, Sahadeva and Yudhishthira in battle but wrote their lives.

Later, Karna resumed duelling with Arjuna. During their ground, Karna’s war wheel got stuck in the mud and Karna asked for a pause. Krishna reminded Arjuna about Karna’s ruthlessness unto Abhimanyu while he was similarly left without chariot and weapons. Hearing his son’s ground, Arjuna shot his arrow and decapitated Karna.

Before the date, Karna’s sacred armour ‘Kavacha’ and earrings ‘Kundala’ were taken as alms by Lord Indra when asked for, which resulted in his dating by Arjuna’s arrows. On the 17th day, Shalya took over as the commander-in-astronomical of the remaining Kaurava forces. Yudhishthira killed king Shalya in a spear combat and Sahadeva killed Shakuni.

Scientific Dating Of Mahabharata War, Ramayana & Vedas Dr P. V. Vartak

Astronomical dating of the mahabharata war An Interactive Documentary. Pdf a drastic re-evaluation of copper, it. Mahabharat war in the date 16th oct. Article suggests some verses of years ago. Learn how could be the battle at a drastic re-evaluation of. His work on dating of astronomical observations, our article suggests some verses of the mahabharat war and literary and archaeological evidences that an astronomer.

Scientific Dating Of Mahabharata War, Ramayana & Vedas Dr P. V. Vartak. Description: Then Satya Yuga started which kurukshetra for years from BC.

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The Mahabharata Research. Dating the Kurukshetra War. Incidentally, the dating of the Mahabharata War has been a matter of challenge and has become a controversy for a century or two. Mahabharata war is said to have occurred before the transition of Dwapara Yuga to Kali Yuga. Dating the Mahabharata war and start of Kaliyuga has been elusive and going on for many centuries. The oldest known suggestion of a possible date for the Mahabharata war dates back to Aryabhatta, and over centuries there have been a lot of arguments and reasoning done to expand the number of possible dates to around 50 different proposal from a period between 1, to 3,BC a few researchers have thrown up dates around 5,BC as well.

The fifth century mathematician, Aryabhatta, calculated the date of the Mahabharat War to be approximately B.C. from the planetary posi-.

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