Exactly About This New Trophy Wives: Asian Women

From fancy cars to gigantic mansions, billionaires seem to have it all. There seems to be another advantage of being rich , too: These billionaires can provide for just about anyone. Is it for love or money? We may never know for sure when it comes to some of these marriages. Either way, here are photos of the beautiful trophy wives often seen with the richest men in the world including a very familiar face on page 9. Suzanne Ircha was attracted to this older, but very rich, man. To go along with her beauty, she also has brains, too. Donna Spangler is a proud trophy wife. John M.

Trophy Wives Want You to Know They’re Probably More Successful Than You

Shankar Vedantam. The idea of a “trophy wife” is common in popular culture: Attractive young women trade beauty for status by “marrying up” and finding wealthy husbands. Let’s explore a pejorative phrase – trophy wife.

Wealthy dating. by kalyani There is seldom a career option more alluring than that of a trophy wife. TIP: Click here to visit a website which brings together women who want to be trophy wives with multimiillionaires who want to marry them.

Y oung. Gold digger. Admit it. You were thinking it. The phenomena describes the widely held belief that the beautiful woman, whose most valuable commodity is her looks, partners the economically successful man in a sort of symbiotic relationship called marriage. However, the inspiration behind this now-demeaning term has more earnest beginnings.

But if the Amal Clooney-esque life — where a woman can be educated, beautiful, financially independent, with a deep sense of self-worth and loved by her partner for it — is possible, why is it the exception rather than the norm?

Marie Claire’s Take On Asian Trophy Wives Gets Severe Backlash

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Date: June 17, ; Source: University of Notre Dame; Summary: The trophy wife stereotype is largely a myth fueled by selective observation that reinforces.

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I have a trophy wife – and I don’t care that she wants me for my money

Men and Women are two eminent pillars of life. However, the thinking and psychology of both of them differ. Women are more of loving and sensitive nature while men prefer more about their status. To present themselves, high class, they buy all kind of expensive stuff and remain up to date. This is mere displaying of the personality which actual they are not.

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By Margot Peppers. Trophy wives are typically known to be young and good-looking with not much to offer intellectually, but a new generation of trophy wives is breaking the mold. Today’s trophy wife – like designer Georgina Chapman, blogger Julie Lin, beauty expert Donna Spangler and former Playboy centerfold Stephanie Adams – still aims to please her husband, but she has her own ventures and ambitions as well.

Calling these women ‘the full package,’ New York-based matchmaker Richard Easton explained to the New York Post : ‘Men are visual, so the women are always beautiful, but it’s beauty inside and out. Love knows no bounds: year-old billionaire George Soros married Tamiko Bolton, a year-old health care consultant, this weekend with a lavish three-day celebration. Dr Richard Benveniste, 74, holds onto his partner of 16 years, year-old Donna Spangler right.

Johnson [dating cosmetics heir Leonard Lauder] and Tamiko Bolton [who married billionaire financier George Soros in the Hamptons last.

Here’s some bad news for men with highly successful careers and fat wallets: You probably will not end up with a “trophy wife,” a new study suggests. When researchers compared qualities such as level of attractiveness and socioeconomic status within couples, they found almost no evidence of the trophy wife stereotype , which suggests attractive, young women tend to marry rich and successful men.

Instead, couples are far more likely to end up together because they share similar traits. For example, attractive, wealthy or highly educated people are more likely to choose a partner with the same qualities. The same is true for less attractive, low-earning or less educated people. Trophy wife marriages still happen, but not nearly as often as expected, the study revealed.

Trophy Wife Myth Busted: People Choose Partners Like Themselves

Most people are familiar with the “trophy wife” stereotype that attractive women marry rich men, placing little importance on their other traits, including physical appearance, and that men look for pretty wives but don’t care about their education or earnings. New research, however, by University of Notre Dame Sociologist Elizabeth McClintock, shows the trophy wife stereotype is largely a myth fueled by selective observation that reinforces sexist stereotypes and trivializes women’s careers.

Using, for the first time, a nationally representative sample of young couples in which both partners were interviewed and rated for physical attractiveness, McClintock was able to control for matching on attractiveness. She says prior research in this area has ignored two important factors. Secondly, the strongest force by far in partner selection is similarity — in education, race, religion and physical attractiveness.

McClintock’s research shows that there is not, in fact, a general tendency for women to trade beauty for money.

McClintock analyzed the traits of about 1, couples in their early 20s who were either married, living together, or dating a minimum of three.

Phone it the Woody Allen Impact. If the director that is venerable left Mia Farrow on her behalf used child, Southern Korean-born Soon-Yi Previn — 35 years their junior — he might because well have actually delivered a news release: Asian-girl fantasy trumps that of Hollywood royalty! Maybe maybe maybe Not 2 yrs when they tied the knot, media baron Rupert Murdoch moved along the aisle with fresh-faced Wendi Deng — 17 days after finalizing their divorce or separation from their second wife.

It is unsavory to imagine therefore. But after two or three failed efforts at domestic bliss with females of like history and age, these heavy hitters desired down different things. One thing that they had likely fetishized. Enter the doll-faced Asian sylph from the supply of the silver-haired suit that is western. Hello, mail-order bride! The excruciating colonial stereotypes — Asian females as submissive, domestic, hypersexual — are clearly absolutely nothing new.

The East, the West, and Sex, author Richard Bernstein found that the Orientalist illusion continues to influence in researching his new book. Nonetheless it continues to be a delighted hunting ground he says, citing one phenomenon in the northeastern region of Thailand called Issan, where 15 percent of marriages are between young Thai women and Western men well into their 60s for them today. But we suspect there is something different in regards to the East which is seducing company bigwigs as of this moment that is very globalisation.

In the latest Organization for Economic Co-Operation and developing education that is international, Taiwanese pupils had been tops in math, although the U.

10 Hottest Wives of Billionaires