Conquest War

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Shogun 2 Receives Massive Update

Experience the incomparable grandeur of historical films. A magnificent digital remaster of a Heian scroll. With the same clarity from its premiere at the Venice Film Festival. In the reign of the Emperor Suzaku A.

Shivudu finds out that her clan is in war with tyrant Bhallaladeva’s kingdom, and although moderately wealthy, he gets turned down at every matchmaking. In war films new and old, the highlight lies in the siege; the more the attackers and Like in “Seven Samurai”, designated rebels had gathered at the old castle in the.

Earlier this week an enormous patch was applied to the lately installment of the Total War series, Shogun 2. The bulk of the update seems to be fixes, but there’s some unit tweaking, DirectX 11 support, and even four new multiplayer maps included as well. For the full list of patch notes, read on:. This will be fixed in the next patch. General Fixes includes single player and multiplayer fixes.

Naval combat. User interface. Battle camera. Campaign map. Source: Store. Per-unit-type threshold multiplier introduced that scales the thresholds to compensate for differences in the damage output of different unit types. AI experience levels now fully derived from combat the AI experience boosting mechanism has been removed.

Shogun 2 Rise of Samurai patch notes

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Resolved an issue where House and Alliance tips would be displayed Adjusted the brightness of the mask for the Samurai of Fury attire for female characters. Added an additional 15 seconds for the deploying units screen in Siege and Fixed an issue where notifications would overlap during Territory Wars when a.

Jungle Heat is a free cross-platform war game, which you can play on any device or social network. The tropics full of oil and gold are languishing under the onslaught of General Blood. Your task is to free the native riches, to rip them out of the hands of the bloodthirsty marauders and claim them for yourself! The treasures of the jungle will be safe and sound in your storages.

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In Jungle Heat, you can develop your military base into an unassailable fortress, battle with other players, raze their bases to ashes, unite into invincible clans, and participate in regular tournaments. Each battle they fight is saturated with an atmosphere of old school war movies. If you like Jungle Heat, don’t forget to give it five stars. Do you have questions or need help? A reliable internet connection is required for Jungle Heat.

Samurai Siege: Alliance Wars Alternatives

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Conquest wars are an alternative to Alliance events and Alliance Wars. Instead of fighting 3 other alliances based entirely on war points, there is a conquest map which players can attack to claim territories or nodes. Each attack adds war points to that node, and once the quota has been reached, the node is secured for the team, making it impossible for other teams to score on that node.

globe-spanning tournament FEATURES • Real-time Battle Royale and 5v5 battles against friends Control Zone and Deathmatch • Instant Matchmaking – quickly jump into battle • Unlock new Superstars Samurai Siege: Alliance Wars.

Mar Posted by Jorge Yao. The result is a rare insight into the world of the elite Samurai Siege player. This left only 36 seconds on average to regenerate his troops, create his spells, and find someone to attack. Read on to find out how he did it. SA: First, congratulations on winning two consecutive personal tournaments. Those who were paying attention first time round know that you tied with El Mirrey at 30k war points but due to a technical constraint we could only show one winner in the hall of fame.

Did your strategy for this contest differ from the previous one and if so how? This time it was dragons, essence masters and archers. The main reason for this was because the healers were not able to out-heal the damage output from the new heavy arrow towers on the essence masters. And because of this reason, this 2nd individual tournament way more taxing than the previous as the strategy deployed for this tournament this time hinged heavily on precise timely actions and not simply just dropping and watching to achieve ideal speeds.

My personal thoughts on this strategy is that although it can result in amazing record timings under a minute, there is also an innate risk of taking much longer to clear a base or even failing to achieve 3 stars should your contingent of archers and essence masters get blocked or obliterated along the way. Our analysis of his attack logs show that on average throughout the contest he used per attack 7 Dragons,55 Archers, 2 Essence Masters and Freeze Spells].

SA: How long have you been playing Samurai Siege?

Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition — Update 34055

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Detailed notes for the giant patch accompanying imminent Total War: Shogun 2 mini-expansion Rise of the Samurai have been released. The list is as long as a really long worm, which we’ve coaxed out with Fairy Liquid and stapled, in full, below. Rise of the Samurai will release tomorrow, 27th September. Each castle appears across five maps, resulting in 15 new siege battle-map variants. An avatar’s primary skill-set is now displayed on the avatar’s banner in battles.

This is based on the skill tree with the most skill points spent within it. The ability to run XP multiplier weekends is now in the codebase. We’re now planning a series of weekend events in which individual unit types, Avatars, specific clans and more can gain experience and veterancy at increased rates, and drop-rates for legendary items and retainers can be increased. Keep an eye on Steam and the Total War forums for more information in coming weeks!

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Tales of War Legends of War

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Town Hall 0.5 Strategy

It requires exquisite strategic thinking, leadership skills, courage, nerves of steel and so many other skills. This week, Emperor Yami is throwing a congratulatory tournament for all to witness the virtues of the best Warlords in the land! Participants will be rewarded with an enchanted War Monument meant to help the Warlords in their battles. No physical registration required. All classic alliance wars conquest wars do not count towards LoW that start and end between the contest period automatically qualify for the Legends of War leaderboard.

Players can also see their current alliance ranking via a banner on their screen.

Each castle appears across five maps, resulting in 15 new siege battle-map variants. These maps do not appear in the Rise of The Samurai.

Get ready for the Midweek War league which gives you the opportunity to get even more rewards out of your Classic wars! All wars during a 24 hour period will be eligible for entry into the War League rankings. You will compete with 3 more alliances in a classic war but your score will be compared to all the alliances playing a 3-hour classic war during the time of this event!

The top scoring alliances during the War League will enter the War League ranking and receive prizes according to their rank. If your alliance fights more than one war during the 24 hour period, only the highest scoring war will count – so each alliance can only receive one War League prize. Only classic alliance wars that start and end between the War League period automatically qualify for the War League ranking. Players can also see their current alliance ranking via the War League banner on their screen.

If an alliance qualifies for a reward, only the players who are in the alliance at the end of the contest will be awarded. The war league events are reward based events that are currently in a trial period. At present, the final standings will not be published on the KB and the winners of this event will not appear in the Hall of Fame. We consider the Hall of Fame the place for the winners of our full length events such as Personal Tournaments, Alliance Tournaments and Legends of War.

Prize Tiers. Please note, you must remain with your alliance until you have received your prizes. Once placed on your village, they will last for 3 days.

Young Adult Graphic Novels

The game sets you up into the character of a Commander and lets you Command over a whole army of different types of Dragons. As the game mainly focuses on Combat-oriented game-play, your task is to line up your finest of Dragons, train them well and go attack on any of the millions of online players. Defeat enemies to capture their lands, Dragons, and resources, double up your Dragon forces and ultimately rule the world. Just like you can attack anybody in the game world, anyone can attack you, so to save yourself from maximum damage, you must also focus on building and strengthening up your defenses.

To make your defenses impenetrable, you must create many structures such as tower mounts, walls, etc.

What is Samurai Siege and why should I waste my valuable toilet time on it? you cannot participate in Alliance wars, or donate/receive troops until Trophies are generally useless, except in matching you up opponents.

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Samurai Siege – Universal – HD Gameplay Trailer